Business F.A.Q.

Can GGA prepare the Business Activity Statements (BAS) for my business?
Yes, we can, please contact the team at GGA to arrange this.

If I am looking to sell my business or buy a business can you help?
Yes, we can provide taxation and accounting advice on the prospective sale or purchase of a business and can also prepare a Section 52 which is required upon the sale of businesses in some states/territory of Australia. Of course, it is recommended that you do your own due diligence and speak to your legal advisor.

What sort of structure should I use for my business?
You have a range of options. Your business can operate as a sole trader, partnership, trust, joint venture or company. Your ideal structure will depend on your business activities, your personal situation and your plans and intentions for the business. Everyone’s situation is different and advice should always be sought for your specific circumstances before setting up any structures.

Can you arrange registration for Australian Business Numbers (ABN), Tax File Numbers (TFN) and Goods and Services Tax (GST)?
Absolutely, and we can usually organise the application within 24 hours!

Can I use the same ABN for multiple business activities as a sole trader?
An ABN is allocated to the entity and not the activity. This means that each individual (or trust or company) only receives one ABN regardless of how many businesses they run. Keep in mind, that if you register for GST for one business, you are registered for GST for all businesses.