Property Tax & CGT

Gatherum-Goss & Assoc specialises in taxation for property investors and has done so since we first opened our doors.

We offer advice and solutions to assist you with any investment property tax query that you may have. We also advise on the advantages and disadvantages of different structures, for your particular needs.

Tax structuring can involve one of the various types of trusts, individual ownership or even your SMSF, so it’s important to get the correct structure advice – BEFORE you sign that contract!

Other factors that may affect your structuring needs include stamp duty, land tax and GST. These additional taxes differ from state to state (and internationally) and as we are well versed in them all you can be sure that our advise takes into consideration the whole picture.

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is one of the biggest costs you will encounter as a property investor. When choosing to sell a property it is important that we plan the sale to ensure we are able to minimise this cost to you. Factors include: the date the contract is signed, the names on the title and how long you have owned the property. All these have an effect on the CGT you will pay so once again we would always recommend sitting down and going over the situation before you make any decisions, to ensure no nasty surprises come tax time.

All of your property tax concerns are handled by the team at Gatherum-Goss & Assoc.