Recommended Reading

We have put together a list of books and journals that we recommend to help you improve your knowledge about various wealth creating techniques and strategies.

Enjoy your reading!

Property Books

  • Australian Property Investor Magazine
  • More Wealth for Residential Property – Jan Somers
  • Building Wealth, Story by Story - Jan Somers
  • Your Investment Property – Anita Bell
  • Understanding Investments: An Australian Investor’s Guide to Stock Market, Property and Cash-Based Investments – Charles Beelarts & Kevin Forde
  • Property Millionaire: Millions through Property – Fiona Jones
  • The Australian Guide to Home Staging – Katrina Maes
  • Australian Residential Property Development – Ron Forlee
  • Investing in the Right Property Now – Margaret Lomas
  • 20 Must Ask Questions For Every Property Investor – Margaret Lomas
  • 1,000,000 In Property In One Year – Steve McKnight
  • 0 To 130 Properties In 3.5 Years – Steve McKnight
  • Ordinary Millionaires – Jim McKnight
  • Real Estate Myths Exposed – David Morrell
  • How Investing in Commercial Property Really Works – Martin Roth & Christine Lang
  • Streets Ahead: How to Make Money from Residential Property – Monique & Richard Wakelin
  • Strerts Smart: Property Investing Insights from the Independent Expert – Monique Wakelin
  • The Insider’s Guide to Saving Thousands at Auction – Patrick A. Bright
  • The Insider’s Guide to Buying Real Estate – Patrick A. Bright
  • The Real Deal: Property Invest Your Way to Financial Freedom – Brendan Kelly & Simon Buckingham
  • No-nonsense Guide to Buying and Selling Property – Andrew Winter
  • An Intelligent Guide To Australian Property Development - Ron Forbes
  • Smarter Property Investment: Ways to Make More Out of Residential Property Investment - Peter Cerexhe
  • Property Millionaire: The Guidebook to Having Great Australian Dreams – Gary Seeto
  • Trump Strategies For Real Estate – George H. Ross
  • Success Stories – Robert Kiyosaki
  • How You Could Build A $10m Property Portfolio In Just 10 Years – Peter Spann
  • What Every Property Investor Needs to Know About Finance, Tax and the Law – Michael Yardney
  • How To Grow A Multi Million Dollar Property Portfolio in Your Spare Time – Michael Yardney

Share Books

  • Charting in a Nutshell – Alan Hull
  • Invest My Way: The Business of Making Money on the Australian Share Market with Blue Chip Shares – Alan Hull
  • How To Beat The Managed Funds By 20%: Using Simple DIY Sharemarket Strategies – Dale Gillham
  • How the Stock Market Really Works – Martin Roth
  • Shares Made Simple: The Beginners Guide to Success – Roger Kinsky
  • Beating The Street – Peter Lynch
  • Fair Share – Tom Scollon
  • Contracts For Difference: Master the Trading Revolution – Catherine Davey
  • Security Analysis: Principals and Technique – Ben Graham, David Dodd & Warren Buffett 

Other Books

  • Your Retirement: How to Plan, Save and Superannuate for Financial Independence – Anita Bell
  • Your Kids Money: How to Earn It, Save It, and Set Them Up for Life – Anita Bell

Board Game

Board Game

  • Cashflow 101 – Robert Kiyosaki